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Founded in 2014 by Michael and Elisabeth Lang, Chaperone produces the most advanced home firewalls that even the most technologically challenged Parents can set up and use.  Chaperone boasts extensive content filtering, simple scheduling and intuitive monitoring that covers all of your children on all of their devices and can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.


Chaperone Technologies is engaging Kickstarter's unique crowd-funding platform to raise the funds necessary to take our working prototype, the "Chaperone One," to manufacturing and bring it the masses.

Why Chaperone?

Although home routers and wireless access devices have some basic security features, they are rarely properly set up because they are complicated and nearly impossible for most people to comprehend.  Also, they do not have the computing power to adequately protect the home network from today's threats.  Today's home firewalls and routers do not come with extensive content filtering capabilities.

Parents are losing faith, and rightly so, in software only solutions because they are quickly circumvented by today's tech savvy kids (which is most of them!) and are easily disabled by software viruses, trojans and other malware apps.  YouTube videos provide easy instructions for any kid to hack existing software solutions.

Chaperone consists of hardware and software that work together with our cloud-based service to give easy all around protection in real-time consisting of content filtering, monitoring, scheduling, and access control for each device in the home with whatever age appropriate settings you choose.

Chaperone's unique approach enables parents to keep tabs on their home network from anywhere at any time with the ability to change profile settings at any time.

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