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Announcing Chaperone Technologies

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By Michael Lang on March 04, 2014

Michael and Elisabeth

Friends, Family, and Parents, we are pleased to announce the launch of Chaperone™ Technologies.  Chaperone™ was born after an exhaustive, tedious, and fruitless search to find an effective home solution for protecting and managing our children's online access.  We are overwhelmed with joy to introduce the first ever firewall/router with content filtering and scheduling that is so simple to set up and use, that even the least technological Parent can do it with ease and confidence.




Chaperone OneWe call it the "Chaperone One" and it is going to change the game by empowering Parents everywhere.  Studies show we as Parents think our kids are online about three hours a day, but our kids are spending, on average, seven hours a day or more online browsing, communicating, and gaming every single day.  It is more imperative NOW than ever that Parents are able to, not only shelter their children's growing minds from inappropriate and potentially damaging content, but ensure they are also not over-consuming.  The Chaperone One will let you easily control what websites your kids can access on a per device basis as well as schedule the time of day for their online activities.

Content Filtering Revolutionized

Filtering content has never been easier.  There are tens of millions of websites out there and the list is growing every day.  Fortunately, we have found a way to easily categorize those websites into broad topics such as gaming, social media, gambling, dating services, and so on.  Chaperone makes it easy to select what is age appropriate for your children.  You can choose from a series of our preset profiles that include child appropriate, pre-teen, teen and adult.  Chaperone lets you assign different filter profiles to each and every device on your network or you can easily customize your own profiles if you choose.  Never before has a home firewall been able to broadly categorize and effortlessly block or allow access to the Internet's content in a way that is clear, concise, and meaningful to Parents.

Scheduling Made Simple

Scheduling is another component of the Chaperone experience that allows you to manage just how long your child can spend online.  Do you need to set up a "Study Hall" from 4pm to 6pm?  And only allow access to Wikipedia and other educational websites?  No problem!  Just set the time block, assign the content filter profiles that apply during that time and then apply the schedule to your child's devices.

Monitoring That Makes Sense

Parents want to know what their children are getting into and how much time they're spending on what sites.  Studies show that the mast effective Parents are aware of what their children are doing and are exposed to and frequently discuss these topics as their children are exposed to new things.  Our monitoring helps you see where your kids are going online and how much time they're spending there. With Chaperone, you can start with strict access controls for young minds and simply and easily open the doors to the Internet as your child grows and matures.

Easy to Manage

Chaperone is easy to manage, whether you are sitting at your computer at home, or on the go.  Your home network can be controlled from your mobile device, tablet, laptop, or anywhere you have a web browser and a connection to the Internet.  If a new device attempts to gain access to your network, you will get notifications via email and/or your mobile device so you can decide to accept/reject, and instantly monitor that device's activity as well.  Devices are given meaningful names that make sense to you as a Parent — all monitoring and reporting uses these friendly names.  No longer do you have to know what a MAC address is or remember an IP address to know what device you're looking at when reviewing monitoring statistics.

We need your help — Chaperone is still in it's infancy.  We've built the prototype and shown it can work, and we are using it effectively in our own home.  But we are still on the journey to producing and releasing the first Chaperone One device and service.  We are launching a crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter soon and we need your help! We will be reaching out to all our friends and family over the coming weeks to bring this dream and concept alive.

If this is something you want for your own home or you are willing to help us bring this dream alive, please sign up for our Newsletter, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and help us spread the word.  Leave your comments below or reach out directly to either of us.  Over the past year much of our blood, sweat, and tears have gone into the development of Chaperone and we're both extremely excited and enthusiastic about bringing Chaperone to families everywhere.

Thank You and God Bless,

Michael and Elisabeth

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