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This is Just the Beginning

Announcing Chaperone Technologies

Michael and Elisabeth

Friends, Family, and Parents, we are pleased to announce the launch of Chaperone™ Technologies.  Chaperone™ was born after an exhaustive, tedious, and fruitless search to find an effective home solution for protecting and managing our children's online access.  We are overwhelmed with joy to introduce the first ever firewall/router with content filtering and scheduling that is so simple to set up and use, that even the least technological Parent can do it with ease and confidence.


Are You Using Parental Control Today?

Our first Survey

Are you using Parental Control to try to manage what your children can see and do online?  Does your current solution work?  Alternatively, are you hunting for a solution and just cannot find one that works (or that you can actually figure out)?


Pitch Camp, What is it Good For?

Last week, we attended FourAthens Pitch Camp. Although we were not seeking investors, it seemed like a great idea to put ourselves through the ringer and see how investors might respond to our message.


Safely Guiding your Child through the Internet

The Internet has been a boon for the American household that has brought a whole new world of online shopping, social sharing, and near instant sharing of news and information resources to our fingertips.  Kids are growing up in a world vastly different from most Parent's own upbringing and Parents are often asking how to best manage their child's online experience and what boundaries and behavior is appropriate for their children.


A Better Password Strategy

Having a unique, rememberable password for everything.

The number one security weakness in almost every platform/service on the web is the user's password. We as human-beings like to keep things simple, so we, as a rule, use the same email and user name combined with the same, often short, simple, rememberable password, or something ridiculously easy to type and statistics show we overwhelmingly reuse these same credentials everywhere we can!

All it takes is for your computer to get a Trojan key-logger installed or one poorly implemented web service who stores your passwords in clear, plain-text fields in their database to get hacked and its off to the races with the hackers attempting to use same account and email and password combos to log into all the big banking, social media, and email services you probably visit!


Secure Your Passwords

Strategies for safeguarding your passwords

In a world where cyber crimes are regularly making the news with one system breach or another, breaking and entering through compromised passwords remains the weakest link to almost every breach.  Since passwords are the first line of defense against cyber criminals, it is important to pick strong passwords that are different for each of your important accounts. Follow these tips to create strong passwords and keep them secure.


Making network security simple