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Confidently manage when and what content is accessible on your network

The Birth Of Chaperone

Michael met and married Elisabeth, just over 3 years ago, bringing into his world two teenage boys, and everything that comes with that. It soon became apparent that there were several reasons they needed a home firewall. Elisabeth wanted content filtering and a way to track who was on what sites and for how long. Michael, who works from home, needed a way to keep the boys gaming sites from overtaking all the bandwidth and shutting him down.  He also wanted to protect our network from viruses and hacking. Michael (the Georgia Tech computer guru) began searching for something to meet their needs that Elisabeth (the seriously technologically challenged girl) could manage. Michael searched for weeks, only to find there was nothing out there that was suitable for home use. Elisabeth said, "...well, why don't you build one and while you're at it, make it available for the millions of other families in the same boat as us."

Who We Are

Michael Lang
Michael Lang
Chief Everything Officer
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Michael is an accomplished and seasoned IT professional with deep roots in both software development and hardware systems administration. His software development career began in the late eighties with an early interest in writing games and solving puzzles.  As a child, he always took things apart to see how they work and liked to tinker with hardware modifications long before "modding" was popularized and his early experience with computers sparked his keen interest in pursuing an understanding of how computers worked all the way down to the circuit level. Michael has parlayed his passion for technology into a long and varied career of tackling challenging problems in everything from manufacturing to hospitality to medical research and billing and finance.

Today, Michael is helming Chaperone Technologies in his pursuit to put the power of world-class network protection into the hands of every parent that needs it.  To do so, he is leveraging his multi-disciplinary skills in network administration, web application development, UNIX programming, user interface usability, and hardware design to build a revolutionary new kind of home firewall and router.


Elisabeth Lang
Elisabeth Lang
Chief Everybody Officer

Dr. Elisabeth Lang is often described as a visionary who is ahead of her time.  She believes in the human spirit and in empowering people with the knowledge to transform their lives at every level.  Her mission is to help people regain their health, and she is especially passionate about giving mothers the tools to oversee the health of their children. She is committed to helping each person achieve the highest level of health, wellness and quality of life possible.

Elisabeth bases her work on the triad of health, a concept that deals with the three major components of health: chemical, structural, and emotional/psychological. Through founding Chaperone Technologies, she brings a decidedly non-technical parental viewpoint to the equation while employing her considerable skills in shaping the vision of Chaperone's products and services such that we're truly help parents protect and nourish the emotional well-being of their children.

By raising the quality of life for individuals, Elisabeth foresees the opportunity for us to have a synergistic impact on the overall global level of health, wellness, and a higher standard of living for everyone.  Health is at the core of greatness for us as individuals, for nations, and for all humanity.


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