The first-ever home firewall that lets Parents effortlessly
manage their children's access to the Internet

  • Content Filtering
  • Easy to Manage
  • Simple Scheduling
  • Intuitive Monitoring

Chaperone Features

  • Icon filter Content

    • Categories make it intuitive to decide what to block or allow for your child.
    • Go beyond just age-appropriate content filtering and set filters up for school/educational purposes.
  • Icon clock Simple

    • Set up schedules for weekdays, weekends, study hall times, bedtimes, etc.
    • Set different filters for different times of day for each child.
    • Its the smart, low-friction way to manage your child's access to the Internet.
  • Icon traffic Traffic Control / Throttling

    • Automatically throttles and controls bandwidth hogging activities like Skype, Steam, and BitTorrent.
    • Effectively keeps bandwidth intensive activities in-check so everyone can share the Internet.
  • Icon monitor Intuitive

    • Simple and intuitive monitoring features takes the guesswork and worry out of what your children are getting into.
    • History cannot be erased or obscured by your child.
    • Know what and for how long at a glance.
  • Icon checklist Easy To

    • One Chaperone device protects all devices on the home network.
    • Protects devices that you can't install parental control software such as alarm clocks/radios, Smart TV's, and gaming consoles.
  • Icon bug Malware

    • Guards your entire household against malware sites and downloads that bring you viruses, trojans, spyware, and botnet infections.
    • Outgoing connections to the Internet are stopped in their tracks and prevent your private data from leaving your network.

Why Chaperone?

Although home routers and wireless access devices have some basic security features, they are rarely properly set up because they are complicated and nearly impossible for most people to comprehend. Also, they do not have the computing power to adequately protect the home network from today’s threats. Today’s home firewalls and routers do not come with extensive content filtering capabilities.

Parents are losing faith, and rightly so, in software only solutions because they are quickly circumvented by today’s tech savvy kids (which is most of them!) and are easily disabled by software viruses, trojans and other malware apps. YouTube videos provide easy instructions for any kid to hack existing software solutions.

Chaperone consists of hardware and software that work together with our cloud-based service to give easy all around protection in real-time consisting of content filtering, monitoring, scheduling, and access control for each device in the home with whatever age appropriate settings you choose.

Chaperone’s unique approach enables parents to keep tabs on their home network from anywhere at any time with the ability to change profile settings at any time.

How it works

Sounds Great! Where Can I Buy It?

Chaperone is not quite ready, but we are working hard on our new and exciting approach to securing your home network and protecting your whole family.

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